Crime Scenes and Accident Scenes

What can the DeltaSphere-3000 3D Laser Scanner and SceneVision-3D Software do for you?

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At the scene - capture the scene in 3D and color with the DeltaSphere-3000

  • Capture Measurements of an entire crime or accident scene - tens of millions of measurements - automatically. The DeltaSphere-3000 does a complete 360 scan in 2 - 15 minutes and measures everything it can see. It uses only the space needed by a standard photographer's tripod. Scan from multiple locations and combine the scans to capture everything.
  • Photograph - dozens of high-resolution images, blanketing a scene - automatically in just a few minutes. These pictures can be used on their own or combined with the measurements to create color models. Take additional close-up photos with our calibrated camera to add extra detail to key areas of the scene with high-resolution insets.

On your laptop - view, measure, diagram, reconstruct, present with SceneVision-3D software

  • Measure the distance between any two points - just point and click on your laptop - or measure the perpendicular distance from any point to the floor or to a wall. Make these measurements on your pc at the scene, or back in your office, from the data captured. Minimize time and effort at the scene. Make additional measurements, as needed, months or years later - long after the scene has been disturbed.
  • Combine multiple scans of a scene into a single 3D computer graphics model - quickly and easily. Do 3D Crime Scene Reconstruction in minutes.
  • View the model from any vantage point. Look at the scene directly from above, from outside the window, from inside a closet.
  • Create outline diagrams of the scene - with accurate measurements - quickly and easily. Use the Wall Wizard to quickly and easily produce all the edges of a room, complete with measurements. Display the 3D model with the measurement lines - or just show the lines alone as a simple diagram. Add accurate, measured outlines of doors, windows, furniture - any objects in the scene - directly from the data captured with the DeltaSphere scanner.
  • Analyze blood spatter trajectories.
  • Add high-resolution, photo 'hot spots' of critical data.
  • Create specific Viewpoints corresponding to the location of an officer or suspect. Show the location of the viewpoint in the scene - and demonstrate precisely what was visible from that location.
  • Automatically produce and display the location of the camera for any photo taken with the DeltaSphere camera.
  • Create a 'walk through' of the scene for automatic replay.
  • Present the 3D model of the scene to colleagues or in court. Show the scene from any viewpoint, at any scale.
Capture Measurements

murder360scan.jpg (52151 bytes)

The image to the left is a scan of a staged murder scene. The operator specified the vertical field of view (65) and the horizontal field of view (360) He specified the point density (13.33 points per degree) and the rest was automatic. Each vertical line of this data contains almost 1,000 measurements - approximately 4 million measurements in all. It takes the DeltaSphere 12 minutes to make over 9 million measurements. A 'low-resolution', 360 scan with over 1 million measurements takes less than 3 minutes.

(In this scene the operator chose not to scan the ceiling but could have captured all the data overhead as well, in the same amount of time.) The accuracy is better than 1/4in. The data that appears curved, like the edge of the floor or the top of the closet, results from displaying this 3D data as a 2D projection. These are not distortions in the data. When displayed in 3D these edges display correctly.

Color images taken with the DeltaSphere's calibrated, professional digital camera and lens are transferred directly to the laptop for immediate display. Easily make camera adjustments from the laptop to guarantee high quality images.


This image shows a close-up of the data shown in the first image above. As soon as this data is acquired you can measure the distance between any two points. Two measurements are shown - the width of the painting, and the distance of the foot from the wall. If you can see two points in a DeltaSphere scan you can find the distance between them. SceneVision includes many more advanced measurement functions as well.

1-murder-gridinvert.jpg (92040 bytes) Model

Using the scanned data, you can create a 3D model of the entire scene, or of objects in the scene. The model can be created in SceneVision-3D, or with other modeling software. This image shows the data, (which has been processed and simplified using PolyWorks software from InnovMetric,) as a 'wire frame' model. This model can be viewed from any viewpoint in SceneVision. It can also be displayed with full color captured at the scene.

1-murder-color.jpg (119925 bytes) View

This image shows the same data viewed with actual scene color 'mapped' to the model above. This is not just an image - it's a full, 3D model. SceneVision includes tools for mapping color to the 3D data. 

Viewpoints and Camera Locations

A person's location is illustrated with a vertical line and pyramid at the eye height as shown in the image on the left. Clicking on the pyramid changes the viewpoint to exactly what a person would see in that position. Similarly, the purple pyramid illustrates the location of the camera used to take the close-up photo of blood spatter shown on the wall. This camera location is automatically generated by SceneVision-3D for any image taken with the DeltaSphere system's camera. Note that the camera does not need to mounted on the DeltaSphere for a photo like this, nor does the location of the camera have to be noted while at the scene. SceneVision-3D determines its location by information in the photo and the scene's laser data.



This image shows a simple, accurate outline of the murder scene above. It was created in a matter of minutes using SceneVision-3D's measurement functions. Even data not captured, like parts of the ceiling or corners hidden by furniture, can be calculated by simply extending surfaces to find the missing edges. SceneVision-3D's Wall Wizard produces these measurements and drawings quickly and easily.

Blood Spatter

SceneVision provides functions and display for visualizing close up images of blood spatter in 3D, and projecting their trajectories from calculations made by the specialist, or within the program. The image on the left shows simulated blood spatter on a wall. Three spatter drops were measured and the purple lines represent their calculated trajectories in 3D. The blue line represents a line from the source drawn perpendicular to the wall.

Photo Hot Spots

In SceneVision, you can attach a close-up photo to any point in a scene. In the image to the left, a photo of a weapon has been added to the scene and will appear whenever the user double clicks on the appropriate annotation.

murderlongview.jpg (104153 bytes) Any Viewpoint

Once the model is created, it can be viewed from any viewpoint in real time on any standard PC. These two images below show the same scene from two other viewpoints. (The black parts of the images are areas not scanned - either outside the room or underneath the tripod. The 'floating' lines in the right image are parts of the window seen in the left image.)

murderlongview2.jpg (100871 bytes)


For another example of a scanned murder scene, click on Kitchen Murder here or in the menu on the left.



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